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Have you recently been in a vehicle collision? If so, you understand that a car isn't the only thing that can suffer damage from that impact. You may now be dealing with the lingering pain that may not have been immediately apparent from this accident. Dr. Locke Zayne can provide auto injury treatments in Corsicana, TX, at Fixin’ You Chiropractic.

What Are Common Auto Accident Injuries?

Depending on the impact from a vehicle collision, injuries can be as minor as a cut and scrape to something more permanent like paralysis. However, the common injuries that people walk away from include overall neck and back pain. Whiplash occurs when the neck snaps back and forth in a rapid motion. You may not feel the effects immediately. However, in the weeks following an accident, you may begin to feel nausea, neck pain, upper arm pain, and headaches. Some people even experience dizziness from untreated whiplash.

Concussions are also a common occurrence. A concussion can happen if your brain moves around in your head rapidly upon impact. It can happen due to a fall, a hard blow, or the impact of a car accident. After medical treatment, you may still experience ongoing migraines and headaches.

Almost half of Americans will experience some back pain in their life. One of the easiest ways to do so is from an auto injury. Luckily, an appointment with Dr. Locke may be the first step in handling the chronic pain from a vehicle collision.

What Treatment Can Help?

Our Corsicana, TX, office’s auto injury treatments will be based on how your injury interacts with the rest of your body. Dr. Locke evaluates the individual situation before approaching a solution. After a consultation where he will review the extent of your pain and do a general examination, Dr. Locke can see if he is working with bone or muscle problems or both.

Therefore, the solution to help your vehicle injury heal may involve chiropractic adjustments, muscle stimulation, or ultrasound therapy. Chiropractic adjustments are the easiest way to relieve pressure from the spine and neck. Whether done manually or by a handheld activator, the chiropractor can push herniated discs which may be pressing down on nerves back into place. This can relieve the pressure that is reducing your mobility and range of motion. The chiropractic adjustment becomes easier when muscles relax during electric muscle stimulation therapy. Plus, when the muscles are stimulated by electric or vibration therapy, it can prevent muscle tension and atrophy. 

Auto injury treatments in Corsicana, TX, are available to you under the expertise of Dr. Zayne. The Fixin’ You Chiropractic team works hard to help patients recover from the emotional and physical impact of car collisions. Call us at 903-872-9122 for an appointment today.

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